It's everything

you want from sewing


Sewcratic is Learning

Never learned how to sew? Always wanted to, but never had the time? Sewcratic was tailored by experts to get you going—even if you’ve never threaded a needle before.

We quickly get you up to speed with hundreds of simple, beautifully produced videos. Instantly sew dynamite fashion with step-by-step beginner projects that you’d happily wear down a runway. Or out next Friday night.

So go ahead—unleash your inner fashion designer. Experience the pleasure of saying, “Yes. I made this.”

Sewcratic is Knowledge

Already know how to sew? We’ll make you better. At your own pace, and in your own space.

We’re your instant sewing university, just a click away yet hundreds of classes deep. No more “I’m too busy.” No mid-afternoon workshops miles away. Forget amateur videos and confusing techniques buried 45 minutes into a garment you’d never wear. With hundreds of 3 to 10-minute tutorials, Sewcratic gets you to exactly the thing you want to know with pinpoint accuracy. Learn what you want when you want. And then— just make it.

Best of all, rearrange our classes in an infinite series of combinations to make an infinite variety of things, from prom gowns to men’s jackets.

We designed it that way, so you could design it your way.

Sewcratic is Making

Great projects begin with great patterns. So Sewcratic gives you access to Earth’s richest archive of commercial patterns—over 90,000 deep and still growing. Whatever your desire, whatever your style, it’s in there.

Navigate three centuries of fashion inspiration any way you want. Pick patterns by designer, difficulty, garment, era. Or let My Concierge magically recommend things that fit your figure and style. Can’t make up your mind? Prowl galleries of finished projects from people around the world who’ve made what you’re looking at. Out of print? Trade with someone across the planet.

And the coolest part? Many patterns will even link to all tutorials necessary to sew them, so if you dream it we ‘ll help you make it.

Sewcratic is Organizing

Imagine your sewing room in your pocket.

Never get caught in a store wondering how many yards you have back at home, or whether you need more thread. Sewcratic remembers it all for you, and delivers it to all your devices. Everything you need, everywhere you want it. And we make it blissfully easy. Type a few characters and we automatically populate and organize your pattern library for you. We keep track of your fabrics, too.

Effortlessly start a project at lunch on your cell phone, learn what you need at home on your tablet, finish your hand-sewing using Mom’s laptop.

It’s sewing taken into the 21st century. Technologically advanced, yet wondrously 3 centuries deep.

Sewcratic is Sharing

Make easy connections the world over. Share your creations. Stay in touch. Follow the styles you love. Or other Sewcratics with your tastes. Show off. Exalt. Swap. It’s what happens when you bring a planet-full of sewing fans into one wondrous place.

Discover stores and classes and new friends near you. Or, add that sweet little old lady’s shop to our cosmic Yellow Pages. Trade insights with experts from around the universe. Or maybe just help a few newbies across town. At 1 AM. Parlez-vous Chanel? Halston? Klingon? We’ve got you hooked up there.

Maybe it started with a basic idea: to get some advice, or find a cocktail dress. Now it’s much more. It’s your little village that spans your world.

Sewcratic is Revolutionary

Sewcratic was built to change the way you’ve sewn, forever. But it’s much more than the worlds biggest commercial pattern archive, the widest tutorial library, the deepest sewing encyclopedia, the broadest sewing community. No matter where you go, what you want to do, Sewcratic is there, with helpful knowledge, connections, inspirations. To help you make the things you make every day. To navigate beautifully across the sewn universe. To stay in fashion and in touch. To transform your closet with up-trending. To put Fifth Avenue to shame. To unleash your personal style. To let you wear your art on your sleeve. To Learn. To Shop. To Share. To Play.

It’s literally the most powerful, most efficient way to sew. And it’s finally here.

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